We would like to take this opportunity to highlight the support that is available during this difficult time for all residents of Wellington and surrounding areas.

Due to the outbreak of Coronavirus, from Wednesday 18th March 2020, we will no longer be offering face-to-face appointments, until further notice, but we will be offering support via telephone or Zoom video conferencing.

This will allow us to continue providing a safe, confidential and supportive space, to help you to explore your problems and share and gain insight into your feelings, thoughts and behaviour.

Counselling can help you gain a different perspective on yourself and/or your problems and help you in making choices and changes that feel right for you.

We are well aware of an increased need for counselling support during this time and we would appreciate this information being shared with anyone that may benefit from our service.

If you are a KEY WORKER and feel that you could benefit from emotional support we are able to offer FREE telephone support during this time.

If you are a victim of domestic abuse we are able to give FREE support due to a kind donation by Taunton Women’s Aid.

Our sessions are priced at £40 per hour but we can offer a sliding scale for payments in some instances – please contact us using the form or telephone number below.

Free and affordable support is available thanks to the generous support of Mr. Roderick Sparks for key workers, carers and the general population of Wellington.

We are now offering individual referrals due to lack of access to GPs, PSFAs and other support services during lockdown. Please use the appropriate button below to make your referral. Please get in touch with any questions using the form at the bottom of this page.

Call Rhonda now on 01823 765144

Call Rhonda now on 01823 765144