Welcome to Wellington Counselling, Somerset.

Wellington Counselling has been set up with the express purpose of offering free and/or affordable family and child therapeutic services. It is an independent service that is staffed by people in the community who care about children and families in the town. This service can be accessed via your GP, child’s school or the Wellington Children’s centre and is designed to help you and your family in achieving healthy levels of well-being and mental health. We believe that healthy and strong families make for a strong and healthy community.

About Us

Wellington Counselling provides therapeutic help and support in these three areas:

Well children:

We want children to flourish and be well in themselves, and sometimes they need extra, expert help to do this. We work alongside all the schools in Wellington and are here to offer children and young people the opportunity to have 1:1 counselling support from appropriately qualified counsellors. This service can be delivered in school or in one of the Wellington Counselling bases in the town.

Well families: 

Sometimes the challenge is to get on with every family member in a way that is healthy and reinforcing of your family values. When relationships breakdown in a family, everyone suffers. We can help you by offering a number of different pathways -parenting support groups that focus on ‘ how families work‘; 1:1 counselling for the adults involved; couple therapy and where necessary family counselling.

Well parents:

Often parents are the last ones to feel cared for or have their own needs met. We run self-care classes for parents that help you identify what your own needs are and how to meet them. We are particularly keen to promote self-kindness and awareness of well-being so that you can feel confident about yourself.


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