Working with schools

We take referrals from the PFSA’s attached to the Primary and Secondary schools in Wellington, and liaise with parents,teachers, and other professionals where they are involved.

Our policy is to always include parents in the counselling process, unless a young person has specifically requested that they are not involved. In our experience this process of joined up therapeutic work produces the best outcomes for the child/young person, the school, and the family.

Our counsellors may see a child/young person in their school or after school at one of our counselling rooms. If we are working with your child then we will ask you to sign a contract with us giving us permission to share information with the school your child goes to, or with the PFSA or other professionals, if they are involved. This is something you can opt out of, and therapeutic work would still continue with your child.

Working with Health and other Professionals

We take referrals from GPs, Health Visitors, PFSAs, GetSet, and in some cases Children’s Social Care. Our policy is to work in a multi-professional way and our therapists will be involved in attending meetings and case conferences whenever they are required to. In some cases we may help professionals understand their clients’ better through the therapeutic work that we do, and this can lead to more positive outcomes for everyone.

Using our Referral Form

This form is to be used for the provision of counselling for individuals or families referred to us by PFSA’s, GPs, or the Wellington 1 Team.

This form should be completed with the prior knowledge and consent of the parent/carer (wherever possible) of the client.

On receipt of this form, our counsellor will make contact with the parent/carer of the client, and arrange an initial meeting with them in which a full assessment will be made.

Our counsellor will also contact the referrer to arrange the initial referral session in the designated school/centre.