Holistic therapy for the whole community

Whilst counselling and therapy can be 1:1, it can also be inclusive of the whole family, or for couples. Therapy may also involve looking at other ways to support you on your journey, that don’t require you to focus on ‘talking therapy’, rather, it may be that we suggest you see an osteopath, homeopath, use Bach Flower Remedies (like Rescue Remedy) have some Reiki, or a massage, learn to meditate, take up Mindfulness. There are many ways to help yourself on your therapeutic journey, so we may ask you to keep a journal, read some useful books or leaflets, take up an exercise class, or join a group.

At Wellington Counselling we believe that if you can come from a strong, emotionally healthy place inside, you can be that strong and emotionally healthy person in all your relationships, and everywhere you go, a beacon of light. Healthy adults can create a healthy family, and a healthy family can create a healthy community. Emotional health and wellbeing is what we are focused on bringing to you and the community of Wellington, and we do this by working on the three areas of. -Well Children, Well Adults, Well Families, and by “well” we mean emotionally. We achieve this by working closely with schools, health professionals, and statutory services ( if required), and you (and your family).

Counselling for individuals

All of our therapists are here to help you learn about yourself and your circumstances in a way that can enable you to make new choices, decisions, and hopefully transform your life in the direction you want it to go. We take what we do seriously, and know that it is our therapeutic relationship with you that will make the difference to how well you do with us, and we want you to do well in your therapy.

In therapy you will be given the chance to discuss and explore whatever it is that is causing you discomfort/distress, and this can involve you looking at the past, the present and your future. It may involve looking at your relationships, childhood, emotions, thought and behaviours, or times and places in your life that have been challenging you. Whatever you bring to the therapist, you can trust him or her to see you and hear you, hold what you say in confidence, and accommodate when is best for them to see you.

We offer open-ended therapy, which means that our therapists will work with you for as long as you both decide you need to. This means that we are making a big commitment to you, and we invite you to make that commitment to yourself. Therapy is a way of investing in yourself, or your relationship/family, and the rewards are life changing. Typically a therapy session will last 50 minutes, although sometimes this is shorter for younger children. Our counsellors will endeavour to see you at a time that works for you, and regular weekly appointments will be agreed upon.

Counselling for children

We want children to flourish and be well in themselves, and sometimes they need extra, expert help to do this. We aim to collaborate with all the schools in Wellington and are here to offer children and young people the opportunity to have 1:1 counselling support from appropriately qualified counsellors. The service can be delivered in schools where this is agreed.

Usually, parents/carers of primary school age children will come to the initial meeting and afterwards will be provided with regular feedback. This means progress is fully understood and is beneficial to the whole family. We would also encourage you to give feedback to the school so they are able to provide the appropriate support. For some very young children an hour is too long and sessions may be reduced to 25-50 minutes as appropriate.

Older children and young people are more able to decide for themselves whether they wish to have counselling or not. In addition, feedback to families and schools will be in accordance with their wishes though any safeguarding requirements would overrule these if necessary. We always encourage increased communication between young people and their families and school involvement whenever possible.

Family counselling

Sometimes the challenge is to get on with every family member in a way that is healthy and reinforcing of your family values. When relationships breakdown in a family, everyone suffers. We can help you by offering a number of different pathways.

Parenting support groups

We can offer this to you on an individual level or in a group (depending on demand and your preferences at the time), and is largely about learning some theories about “how families work”, and giving you practical skills or a tool box of techniques to help you. We are all about helping you to foster secure attachments in your relationships as we believe that this really makes a difference.

Self-care parenting classes

Often parents are the last ones to feel cared for or have their own needs met. We run self-care classes for parents that help you identify what your own needs are and how to meet them. We are particularly keen to promote self-kindness and awareness of well-being so that you can feel confident about yourself.

Couple therapy/Mediation

Sometimes the inner world of the couple needs support and understanding in order for it to work in a healthy way. We can provide couple therapy and/or couple mediation through our counsellors who are experienced and qualified to help you.