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What is counselling for?

All of us who work for Wellington Counselling appreciate that life can be very tough, and also that things can happen out of the blue that can leave us in a wobbly place. Life is not as predictable as we may have thought, life happens in new and challenging ways, every day, whatever our age or circumstance. Our ability to cope can be affected by work and relationship difficulties, school life and things outside of our control.

A lot of what counselling and therapy is about is understanding the “human” part of human beings, and that means acknowledging and accepting our emotional selves, not trying to distance ourselves from our hearts. We help you make the connection, making you more aware, stronger and positive about the shape your life.

Counselling is focused on helping you to know yourself, and how to relate to others in healthy ways, and it can help you change your life for the better.
What happens in counselling?

Your counsellor is there to listen and help you find ways of understanding your situation (or that of a member of your family), maybe find solutions, feel more in control and able to make smart choices, in order to lead yourself (and your family) into a better, healthier, more manageable life.

A counselling session lasts for 50 minutes and will take place weekly.

Counselling is an investment of your time, energy for change and a financial commitment. You can find out more about our charges in ‘get help’.

We like to offer you 12 sessions to start with, as this provides you with a good time frame in which to benefit from our help. You may need more or less time – you can discuss this with your counsellor.

This is a confidential service, so what you share with your counsellor stays with them. Confidentiality is different for different age groups and challenges to confidentiality can come when there are concerns about your safety or that of someone you live with. Your counsellor will explain what confidentiality means when you meet them.

What is community counselling?

Part of our mission is to bring counselling into the life of every adult, every child and young person who needs it. Community counselling is our way of collaborating with local services and schools. One way we do this is to provide you and your child/ren with the therapeutic help they need, when they need it.

Some schools in Wellington and the surrounding area have joined forces with us to bring this service to the children they know need professional counselling support, play therapy or therapeutic family support. This collaboration means that the PFSAs, SENCOs or the pastoral lead might refer you to us, and/or that they can help contribute to the cost of that therapeutic support.

Community counselling also means that we can join  with other services to get you the therapy you need. See Getting help/referral process.

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We try to create as many online or face-to-face courses as possible and they are usually based on what our clients say they want. We make these courses affordable, accessible and friendly to everyone who joins them.

September 2023

There are currently no courses scheduled for September


We offer clinical supervision to individuals and organisations.

As written in the BACP Introduction to supervision (public version) GPiA 064:

“Supervision is recommended for anyone providing therapeutically based services, working in roles that require regularly giving or receiving emotionally challenging communications, or engaging in relationally complex and challenging roles”

Our standard rate is £55 per 50 minutes for individuals and between £75-100 for group supervision.

To request further information please use the links below. 

Supervision request form


BACP Intro to supervision